Send to itunes and audio options.

Robin Hennaut 4 роки тому • оновлено Reem Talea 3 роки тому 3
I would like to send all documents to itunes with one click (because send one by one is irritating). And I would like to download audio directly without download the video before.
zgx 4 роки тому
Thanks for your good suggestions.

Error: Can not make payments in your area

james bond 4 роки тому • оновлено Omar911 3 роки тому 3
I've been getting this error message for over a year, gave up on fixing it, until I saw the latest update come out last week, was hoping it was resolved, but it's still there. It happens every time I try to extract audio. It's always been the paid version, iphone 5 running ios7. Any solution?
zgx 4 роки тому

Hi James,

It's strange, I will try to fix it. Thanks for your report.


As bug prevents me from viewing the screen when paused.

Deborah Evancho 4 роки тому • оновлено zgx 4 роки тому 2
I use media burner in addition to downloading music to learn knitting and crocheting patterns and also I am learning how to play songs on the piano. But now every time I hit pause so that I can practice what is being taught on the screen all I have is an ad in my face. I didn't mind your ads but every time I hit pause ALL I get is the ad so I am no longer able to learn anything with your app. There is no way to view the screen with what I am trying to learn. Can't you just go back to putting it on the bottom? Because this bug totally defeats the purpose of the pause button since you can't still view the screen. II makes it JUST a music app now. Please fix this bug so media burner can be used to learn with again instead of just playing and downloading music videos. After all it is called media burner not music burner. Thank you
zgx 4 роки тому

Thanks for your report, it will be improved next version


IOS 7 Compatability ASAP

Daniel Simmonds 5 років тому • оновлено zgx 5 років тому 0
App crashes on a. Black screen as soon as loaded on iOS 7.

Hi my media burner is not working. When I try to scrol down in the list menu it closes the app

Kris Sri 5 років тому • оновлено San rai 3 роки тому 5
When scrolling down in the list menu the app closes

I can no longer download captured files into my iPhone's photo gallery. Do you have an update on the way? It's also not shared in iTunes.

terpsichoreancat 6 років тому • оновлено Elisha Clarke 3 роки тому 4
The app can download into the phone but tells me the file is incomparable to be loaded into my photo gallery. It's also not showing in iTunes. What's up?
I love this app and have download 250+ music videos so this problem has me both worried and perplexed. Help!!!
zgx 6 років тому
Its a bug, for some videos,  you must first save to album then share in iTunes, do not share in iTunes before save to album. 
The bug will be fixed next version.

TV-Out Option

Hakankaradag@hotmail.com 6 років тому • оновлено zgx 5 років тому 1
your program does not have tv-out option. i can not play video with tv-out cable connected.

Great App with a few ideas

XOMTOR . 6 років тому • оновлено zgx 6 років тому 0

Zgx, this is a really great app and probably the only one of its kind on the App Store; gladly paid the $1.99 to upgrade to get all the features.

With that said, here's a few suggestions that could make it even better. Some of these are taken from the ProTube app that's only available through Cydia so you may wanna check that one out. Anyway, here's my thoughts:

1. option to show downloads are taking place.

Perhaps a small red number could appear over the "download" button showing the number of downloads in progress. Currently, when pressing "download" on a video, there's no indication anything is happening. The download button should also be animated when pressed.

2. option to choose quality of download (360p or 720p etc.)

3. option to choose mp3 as the audio format

4. slight UI changes: remove the "mediaburner" title bar along the top with the "+" and "refresh" symbols. Perhaps place them at the bottom with the 3 other buttons. Currently the 3 at the bottom seem a bit larger than necessary.
zgx 6 років тому
Good ideas, I will consider all of them, by the way, you can extract audio from video after video downloaded

App Crashes

Kishok Paul 6 років тому • оновлено zgx 3 роки тому 8

When downloading/searching for videos the app crashes and closes. Also there is considerable lag while using the app which was not an issue while using version 1.7.

Please rectify
zgx 6 років тому
Thanks, I will fix it soon at next version

Choose multiple files for Share in iTunes/Delete

Kishok Paul 6 років тому • оновлено Jamal Mohammad 3 роки тому 2
It would be great if we could choose multiple downloaded videos and Share in iTunes or for deleting. Presently we have to do this for each file separately.

Another option that would be greatly appreciated is to save the name of the downloaded file as it appears when downloaded. Since some may want to copy the file to another player directly in their iPhone. The downloaded files are renamed within the iPhone when viewed with a phone browser software.

I presently have around 3 to 4 video players apart from the iPod player and would like to transfer the downloaded videos within my phone.
zgx 6 років тому
Share a video in iTunes will make a copy of video file with a name it's title appears
I don't understand how you transfer videos between Apps inside device, can you tell me more information?