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As far  as I know it is to the same id, it's on the original device from the original download I've never delete and redownloaded and my Apple ID hasn't changed....
So I go to the no ads button, and restore previous purches, and I get a pop up that says sorry , no previous purches to restore.
I'm quit suer I got the full version all at once 2 or 3 years ago, I had to get the full version in order to initiate the sharing to my computer and audio extract features. 
And I'm suer I had no ads for a long time
but now the ads persist :-( thanks for looking into this for me.
Ok, I shall try to be patient but the ads are really annoying.  Thankyou :-D 
Open the browser in the media burner app... Go to this Follow the instructions this worked for me hope it works for you to.
It's doing somthing different now I went to serch and typed in the first thing that came to mind. Smurfs.... Taped on 3 different thumbnails to watch and a box poped up that said you do not have permission to access the requested resource .
Plays just fine through safari and plays just fine on my YouTube app ( which is what iv been useing since my media player went weird on me). But I don't like the YouTube it buffers often and I'm not overly patient end up losing interest befor I Finnish the video... And why I love the media burner because I don't have to wait for stupid buffering .
Ok I did that but when I got to where the lil play button should be their was a red bar across the serene that said sorry this video is not avalible for this device . I'm using an iphone4s and It worked great befor too :-( this is relly Poopie
Have tried various wifi around town including my own initially thinking that was my problem then switch to 3G thinking that may help. Have delayed saved things thinking Maby my memory was full. The videos I have downloaded play just fine but I can not get any more to download I just get the 2 error messages I have tryed random videos and ones I have previously downloaded (to redownload or even just watch without download) and I cannot access them even just to watch without downloading it goes to black screen but never loads. I suppose I will have to delete the app and re download it hope that will fix it .
I don't know what the video link is .... I'm really not good at simple computer stuff. It's all videos everything . The One I copied the error message from was the muppets manamana . I checked on my YouTube tho and the same video worked their.