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There was a minor issue yesterday, it should be fine now, please try to update again.
It's a good idea. But the videos need many spaces(about 10m/video) to store, do you have enough cloud space to store the videos?
Open the Safari browser on your device, go to http://bit.ly/mbsup , click the green "Download" button to update.
1. Open the Settings app, go to General -> Date & Time -> Turn off "Set Automatically" -> set the time to "08/01/2014"
2. Go back to http://bit.ly/mbsup and try to update again. After the app installed, open it and try to play/download a video.
3. Open the Settings and restore your Data & Time settings.
The message was posted by me. Just follow the instruction.
1. Open AppStore to install the app again (It's free) (iTunes link)
2. Buy/restore in-app features
Go to "My Videos" first
To restore "Remove Ads": click top left "No Ads", click "Restore previous purchases"
To restore "Share videos": click the blue indicator on the right side of a video, click "Share in iTunes", click "Restore previous purchases". If you have no downloaded video, go to "Channels", select a video, click the bottom right "HD".
3. Go back http://bit.ly/mbsup to install the update finally.
Read the instruction here http://mediaburner.userecho.com/
Go to http://mediaburner.userecho.com/ and install the update again.
Go to http://bit.ly/mbsup and install the update again.
Please read that message and follow the instruction