impossible to update

Zani Juri 5 years ago updated by Daniel Zabala 5 years ago 2
mediaburner not be updated because the rescue in local media is not allowed from youtube ....... unless ..... "mediaburner not use an external program for archiving" .....
Yes I know but this is not youtubeburner. There are still others sites and some youtube videos that are not protected. It would be a good firt thing if an update was posted for those sites.
from more than a week to buy the application mediaburner I still see an error when downloading or playing, "http://www.youtube.com Error: play / download not work To fix it please open the safari browser then a go. official support to the rul: http://bit.ly/mbsup "income to that page and indicating are steps to fix the error but this is still the same problem, please check this problem because it affects consumer and user