Fix the f@ckn app or give us our money back!

Gav 5 years ago updated by Zkhal116 5 years ago 1
Hey bludger, fix the app it's been f@cked for over 6 months, what the f@ck have you been up to??
create another update that actually works or give us our money back.
the funny thing is I used this app for free for over a year then within a couple months of buying it , it shit itself and won't download anything new, and your stupid links on your page don't work.
fix it or be prepared for a court case, I bet you owe thousands of people money.
Yo dude user echo is trying there best to to get Apple to review and accept the app into the AppStore for update that's why it's taking so long for the update they have to get Apple to approve of the app so if you want the app back working agin contact Apple about the apps approval