iStick integration with app

terpsichoreancat 10 years ago 0
     The new iStick provides up to 64G addition storage for Apple devices.  It's available via an Apple Store or online. 
    I checked with the manufacturer about it supporting in app data. I was told the app developer is who I should contact. So, here I am! 👋
    Will I be able to store the in app data in the iStick directly or would I still need to export the file captures to my photo album? (I prefer your format over the photo album's).
    Thank you for developing a fantastic app that actually works!  I've been with you from the start (I think I was #26) and now have a library of captured files.  The library includes over 400 HD moves, music, and several full Broadway shows, including the 40th anniversary of Jesus Christ Superstar, and Wicked.  All this was made possible because of your app. Thank you. 
     I am very impressed with your professionalism and willingness to answer the myriad of emails you receive.   Triple kudos to you my friend!👏

    I hope your holidays will be blessed. I am looking forward to your update. 
    Take care, and walk in the Light. F