Just wanted to thank you guys for a great app. I'm eagerly awaiting the next update.

terpsichoreancat 12 years ago 0
This is an FYI for iPhone uses. I've been working online with a fabulous Senior Apple Tech named Jody. She mentioned that this app utilizes proprietary programming within its OS approved by Apple. She informed me there are 2 big benefits in transference of these mp4.avi files into your Photo Album and in the case of large media files keeping them stored there.

Here's Why:

1. Once a file is placed into the iPhone's Photo Album, with playback accessed via Album, you are not using the Internet to view those files any longer. That means used data allowance savings and easy viewing availability if you are in an area with spotty Internet access.

The next benefit sounds counter-intuitive and incorrect but it's an Awesome Benefit! It's true and works as noted.

2. When a file is downloaded via the Media Burner App into the Download screen, transferred into the iPhone's Album, then deleted from the Media Burner Download screen, the iPhone credits back the amount of memory that was used to download the mp4.avi file!!!

This has proven true, as I have 1000+ mp3 files, 380 mp4.avi music video/blog (some HD) and 7 full length movies, 5HD in Alb
I transferred 200 of the music videos into the Video files accessed via icon. I also have two HD movies downloaded via iTunes. All of this, the sealed iPhone OS plus 28 apps has required only 22GB of the 32GB memory. The 5 full movies I captured total 9GB of memory savings alone.

This app allows you to utilize a system that if used wisely can expand your movie and music files negating the need to purchase a new iPhone with a larger memory. Awesome App!!!

Hope this is useful to other Media Burner App users.