Why can't download?

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Why in this new version the option for download has been taken away? I can't download anymore.... Please fix it!
Fix it, please! The new version sucks
When I am hearing the songs it gets stuck fix it please!
I can't download videos all of a sudden but I can watch the ones I already downloaded

MediaBurner Message: Error. No media link found for playing! OK.

Downloaded yesterday (11:10:2013) for £1.49. Downloaded two YouTube clips & stored them in Camera Roll via my e-mail link. Both played well. Paid extra £1.49 for direct downloading to Camera Roll. No longer works, only NO MEDIA LINK FOUND FOR PLAYING displayed.  (iPad 4 with ios7.01).

Please help. Reginald Fairfax, Nottingham, United Kingdom. 


Because the rule for downloading is broken, you should update rule manually:

1. Open your Mediaburner app on your device.

2. Click the "+" button on top left corner.

3. Click the middle "HERE" link on your device

4. Finished.

Hey guys i figured out how to fix the download issue. I LOVE this app and have been recommending it but the issue has been pissing me off. When you open the app go to the "Channels" tab and press the "+" sign in the left hand corner. Then let that load and press "HERE". Some videos will still say "no media link found" or whatever it says. Hope that helped :)
Can some1 help me I can't download video all of a sudden , email me please david19perez@yahoo.com please I can't download videos anymore please help me...