Where is the update

Kingawesom3 6 years ago updated by Robin Hennaut 6 years ago 6
Ok where is the update it's been like over a month (exaggeration) but where is it we have not been able to download music for over 3 months
Two options:
1) the update was rejected by apple
2) there has never had an uptade
But why would it be rejected?
That's mean a fake, only You stole our money only!
Actually they promised an update that would fix this very problem would be released in a month...4 months ago
go and check the status update from 09/06/14
and I hate to complain
but the review process does not take over a month let alone 3
why does it have to be through the AppStore anyways? It wouldn't be the first time they required you to download an update from the internet instead of the appstore
both for this app and others.
what the problem probably is is that YouTube must've changed something so they had to figure out the entire code all over again
or YouTube is intentionally trying to block this app (and others) from working
but that's just a theory
Put the update on the internet like the previous one! (If there is really an update...)