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How to add a channel

zgx 12 years ago updated by Jamal Mohammad 7 years ago 13

Note: the channel(feed) url must be an rss/atom link

Please follow these steps:
launch app -> tap left top "+" button -> type the channel feed url in the input bar -> tap "add" button. finished.

OR type an url to go browse web, find and copy the feed link then paste in input bar, tap "add" button

Couldn't add veoh, the message says "unsupported document"
What's the feed url you add?
It's not allowing me to open my media burner app. I click on it and it sends me to the home page right away. I don't know how to start a new thread to get support for this and I need help to fix it. 
Open AppStore to install MediaBurner again, it allows you to open the app with no crashes.
Then read the "Update (09/06/2014)" in the support site: http://mediaburner.userecho.com/
How do I Install new update?   I had to reset my whole iPhone.   The app was Literally Froze and Stuck on the (WAITING..) APP ICON.
Hey Zgx. I have iOS 8 now and since the format has changed, the little download thing that pops up when videos on YouTube are played won't show up anymore and the other download tab isn't working so there's no way of downloading anything. Please help:'(
When is the new update coming I really need this update soon! It's a great app but it sucks to have to go a different route to download!!!
Hi how to download music in IOS 8 because when i update my iphone to ios 8 i couldnt download anymore even on youtube Pls help
Is the new version almost out yet? 
Why wont the app lete download anything. I cant even go to youtube anymore to download. PLEASE FIX ITS BEEN LIKE THIS FOR 2 MONTHS NOW
When you will fix it can you answer or you don't want to fix how many years you need more its not astronauts to take that long time you are playing with us. Tell us when you will update it that is bullish😡😡😡😡😡😡😡